Spatial and temporal dynamics of hydrometeorological extremes in montane areas

Czech Science Foundation project 19-05011S

Basic info

The research project examines the changing patterns of hydrometeorological extreme processes in montane areas of the Czech Republic and aims at the identification of changes in dynamics of extreme hydrometeorological processes in mountain basins, having a major effect on the Czech Republic's hydrological regime. The research fills the gaps in knowledge on changing patterns in spatial distribution, frequency, seasonality and magnitude of hydrometeorological extremes in montane catchments and their key driving forces.


Czech Science Foundation GAČR 19-05011S, 2019-21

Institutions involved

Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Science, Department of Physical Geography and Geoecology

Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences

Project team

Principal investigator

Prof. Jakub Langhammer

Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Science

jakub (dot) langhammer (at)

Research team at Charles University, Faculty of Science

Jakub Langhammer

Milada Matoušková

Jana Bernsteinová

Julius Česák

Ye Su

Theodora Lendzioch

Vojtěch Vlach

Vít Skála

Research team at Institute of Atmospheric Physics

Marek Kašpar

Miloslav Muller

Vojtech Bližňák

Filip Hulec

Vladimír Suchánek

Research goals

The research project aims to fill the identified gaps in knowledge of the changes in the temporal and spatial distribution of hydrometeorological extremes in the Czech montane basins and of driving forces leading to such changes. The research project will thus seek the answers to following principal research questions:

(i) What changes occur in the distribution of meteorological extreme phenomena?

(ii) What changes do occur in the seasonality, frequency, and dynamics of extreme hydrological phenomena in mountain basins?

(iii) What are the patterns of regional diversification of changes in hydrometeorological extremes in mountain areas?

The project will identify the patterns of changes in the magnitude, frequency, and seasonality of the hydrometeorological extremes in the mountain areas of the Czech Republic. The project will seek new findings of the causes, spatial distribution, frequency and the changing magnitude of the hydrological extremes occurring in the montane streams, based on new monitoring and modeling approaches.

The spatial differentiation and typology of the changes should contribute to a better understanding of the nature of the extreme processes in the zone of their rapid development and in the result should help to prepare more relevant adaptation and mitigation measures to the hydrological extremes.


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